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The Company’s Profile

The company Elastex Ltd. is situated in Krnov, in the town with the rich textile tradition. Since 1998 the firm has been specialized in combined elastic fibres produced by the state-of-the-art technologies – so called air jet and covering.

These technologies enable flexible combination of synthetic and elastomer fibres in the controlled process, which fulfils the most various manufacturers requires as for example are:

  • percentage stretchability due to the purpose of using and in accordance with the way of processing,
  • resulting fineness and fibre strength,
  • elastomer content,
  • user-friendly workability (without positive feeding),
  • dyeability,
  • increased resistance of elastomer core against outer physical effects.

Progressive elastic materials are used in all branches of the textile industry and their importance is even gaining more significant ground at the present time. Due to the high “controlled” elasticity together with either natural or synthetic yarns the final garment products are very comfortable to wear, fit perfectly and thanks to the prolonged life cycle the durability of the product lasts much longer, materials relax almost promptly, are crease- resistance, and others.

Due to close cooperation with the world known producers of textile fibres (Invista, Contifibre) we permanently expand our assortment of products with the broader possibilities of application. You can currently find out that our offer consists of full range of natural, blended and synthetic fibres like cotton, cotton / polyester, cotton / viscose, polyester / viscose, synthetic functional fibres, polyamide (PAD), polyester (PES) and polypropylene (POP).

We trust that our up-to-date offer together with the supplier service will help you to increase the efficiency of your existing production process and at least lighten the difficult business atmosphere of the textile industry.